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Retargeting activities are crucial for app growth. From owned media to working with DSPs, retargeting should be constantly evaluated and tailored per app. Now go find your retargeting partner or partner(s).
Real-time data analysis adds an exciting performance-enhancing element to user acquisition. Targeting in real-time based on session features and Deep Categories greatly improves our pricing, and therefore, your ROAS.
Today, Bigabid is hyper-focused on spearheading the use of ML to create a new generation of DSPs to target high LTV users in a more effective way than anyone else in the market.
Bigabid upholds transparency as a core value in all of our relationships from clients to users, employees, and investors. It is the basis of our workflow, and therefore, it flows throughout our technology.
This is why Bigabid has developed such a unique approach. We create, produce, and run a massive collection of ad creatives. We integrate different concepts, wording, web-psychology insights, design patterns, and many more elements.
The fact that Bigabid has been effectively using Deep Categories for a few years now, gives us a major advantage. We can spearhead this new era with our compliant, contextual-based technologies and help our clients have a smooth transition and ongoing success.
Bigabid is among the pioneers bringing order to this segment that was once called the “wild west of advertising,” helping advertisers reach users who are outside the “safe zones” of the Google and Facebook duopoly.
Incrementality is the measure of the lift that advertising spend provides to the conversion rate. Incrementality allows the advertiser to measure the effect of paid advertising for users from being idle/churned to coming back to the app on top of the organic return.
An app retargeting campaign is targeted toward users of an app who previously installed the app, were active for some time, and have churned. Because the audience is accurate and relevant, these campaigns can be highly effective and profitable.
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