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8 Essentials for Managing a High-Scale Campaign

By Shiri Asis, Retargeting Team Leader

We have a creative strategy that’s proved to perform well with specific AI models for each vertical and each segment. Combining best practices by the power of 3 (segment, vertical, AI model) gives us revolutionary performance.

8 Essentials for Managing a High-Scale Campaign

By Shiri Asis, Retargeting Team Leader

From exploration to execution, high-scale campaigns demand the symbiotic coordination of an experienced team and revolutionary AI. Bigabid’s RTB team has refined its methodologies and technologies to scale campaigns with confidence by baking in all the essential ingredients that our high-scale campaigns depend on. Whether you’re about to grow your app with us or are working with another mobile DSP (demand-side platform), if it’s high-scale, make sure every number on this list is part of that campaign!

1. The Research

Our team starts the explorations phase by collecting loads of data. We learn about the app, the genre, and the competitive landscape of similar apps. Given our vast experience, we also infuse loads of proprietary insights to further optimize.

In addition, we learn about the audiences. With proprietary technologies like Deep Categories, which aligns audiences to over 1000 categories of apps instead of the few dozen the app stores use, we can make far more meaningful connections between users and the apps they like.  

Discover more about Deep Categories. 

We also dig deep into the creatives our clients share. Looking at their track record and the various ways they can be optimized. Our in-house creative technologies and team enhance creatives at the segment level at a breakneck pace. 

Learn more about Bigabid’s Creative Personalization.

2. Campaign Structure

(the division into segments – not too small or too general)

After we do comprehensive research and collect all the relevant data on your app, we are poised to split the audience into segments. We keep in mind users that have common features and how each app is unique to determine the optimal distribution. 

Determining factors can be based on revenue groups, idle days (when was their last app open), and much more. In this stage, we also decide which format to run, which models, as we have a myriad of options to find the perfect fit. 

3. User Funnel

Bigabid’s AI learns the journey users go through and conducts funnel analysis to display an ad at exactly the right stage. Each user is segmentized and added to a certain audience with other users that share similar characteristics and quantifiable metrics within the app. It’s the first and most important step of the user evaluation process. 

To allocate users in an accurate way, we try to answer big questions as if we were able to ask a user in person.

Read more about how this applies to retargeting in 4 Pillars for Successful Retargeting.

4. Artificial Intelligence Models

Our RTB team has a vast arsenal of AI models to choose from, and our library is growing all the time. Besides finding the perfect model for any given app and audience, our models adapt themselves to your specific applications, evolve into unique and catered models optimized just for your campaign.. When buying traffic is tailored optimally, it’s much easier to increase the scale. 

5. Start at a Low Budget

We always crawl before we walk, and walk before we run. In order for the model to learn about the app and the users, after we have generated conversion and the model learns the segments, the expansion of focus is done easily while maintaining the same quality. The rate we expand relates directly to our ability to sustain a strong, positive ROAS. 

6. In-House Creative Studio and Team

This allows us to produce a turnover of creatives frequently. The creatives are made at a segment level and constantly improved to precisely target your audience. 

Bigabid has developed a unique approach. We create, produce, and run a massive collection of ad creatives. We integrate different concepts, wording, web-psychology insights, design patterns, and many more elements. All creatives are labeled and analyzed, so the system can serve a specific user, in a specific context, in real-time, the highest-action-probability ad. 

We also learn from each of these ad-servings, whether it produced an action or a non-action, and therefore, learn a little more on both the user and the specific creative. This allows us to truly personalize the user experience by serving the right ad to the right person in the right mindset at the right time for the right price. Ultimately… the right price for the right person equals the right ROAS for our clients.

Read more about Bigabid’s Creative Personalization.

7. Best Practices for Each Segment

We have a creative strategy that’s proved to perform well with specific AI models for each vertical and each segment. Combining best practices by the power of 3 (segment, vertical, AI model) gives us revolutionary performance. For example, segment – rev 0-100, idle < 7 days, slots app engagement predictor.. 

8. BI Insights

Our RTB team develops and maintains dashboards that address every trend to push or stop traffic in real-time. 

We develop numerous business intelligence dashboards as data visualization and analysis tools that display on screen the status of key performance indicators. 

This way we can explore more trends, understand things more in-depth, and make the right decisions in real-time

Discover more about Bigabid’s Real-Time Data Analysis.


High-scale campaigns are demanding, but Bigibid’s RTB team has developed proven ways to streamline and qualify the process. To support our team, our ever-evolving AI models can analyze 50+TB of raw data per day to produce millions of ad recommendations in real-time, enough data to optimize high-scale campaign decision making performance beyond our client’s expectations. 

It’s all about ROAS, and each and every step discussed in this article ensures exactly that. If you’re not 100% convinced in working with us, please reach out  if you have any questions.

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