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Improving ROAS with

Seasonal Creatives

“If you choose to look at your ad’s “creative” just as design, you choose to ignore a huge range of creative tools that can dramatically improve your ad’s performance.

Seasonal creatives have been shown to be highly effective in improving return on advertising spend (ROAS). Successful holiday creatives, such as those for single-day events like Easter, see peak performance over everyday creatives. Even more impressively, successful seasonal creatives can stay at the top for an average of 5 weeks.

When it comes to video creatives, the results are even more impressive. On average, there is an 80% higher return on advertisement spend when using seasonal videos. Additionally, there is an average 36% higher first-time deposit conversion rate. Finally, 50% of these creatives stayed top performing for 5 weeks.

Banner interstitials also see success with seasonal creatives. 25% of seasonal banner interstitials stayed top performing for 5 weeks.

Overall, the data suggests that using seasonal creatives can significantly improve ROAS and performance. 

How about retargeting vs. user acquisition? We also saw more success in retargeting. In RT all the creatives, including video and banner interstitials, performed well. However, in user acquisition, some of them worked well while others did not.

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