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User Acquisition

Bigabid’s user acquisition technologies deliver
the highest LTV users for your app.

User Acquisition

Bigabid’s user acquisition technologies
deliver the highest LTV users for your app.

Deep Categories

The only mobile app user acquisition platform that delineates over 1000 app categories versus the few dozen other platforms use. With a much deeper understanding of app categories, our ML technology eliminates unfit audiences to precisely target maximum value users for your mobile app. Though perfected for both Android and iOS, by utilizing enhanced contextual data instead of IDFA dependent data, deep categories is ideal for mobile user acquisition campaigns now and post-IDFA.

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Real Time Data Analysis

ML technology that uniquely analyzes all relevant data in real-time to merge deep categories contextual data with deterministic metrics for immediate, crystal-clear access to audience behavior. With real-time data analysis and execution, our ML platform ensures optimal targeting performance when acquisition is most likely to occur.

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Targeting High LTV Users

With a fast, sophisticated real-time machine learning platform, Bigabid not only targets high affinity mobile app users but preemptively identifies them at the onset of peak potential. When we bake in cross-app behavior analysis and enhanced deep categories, Bigabid delivers the highest possible LTV users at the best possible time for your mobile app.

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Partnering with Transparency

Beyond our technologies, Bigabid ensures our partners achieve their growth goals by offering full transparency every step of the way. Besides a great ROAS, we understand scalable growth demands constant enhancements across your ecosystem. From a deep understanding of in-app to cross-app audience behavior, Bigabid offers actionable insights and solutions throughout our partnership to help increase engagement and enrich your products.

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