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Bigabid is in the Game!

By Co-Founder and CSO, Ido Raz

“Bigabid’s unique approaches proved they can find High LTV users in an ocean of mediocrity with giants like Facebook and Google also harpooning for whales.”

Bigabid is in the Game!

By Co-Founder and CSO, Ido Raz


From the beginning, Bigabid has taken on the challenge of conquering the gaming app market. In the past 3 years, we’ve collaborated with game app developers, designers, analysts, and monetization experts to give our proprietary ML (machine learning) technologies the edge in the social casino app industry. We understood gaming apps would have a lot of competition. We took them on for that very reason, to evolve our technologies where the challenges were high. 

Today, Bigabid has positioned itself as one of the top-performing DSP (Demand-Side Platform) for gaming apps. Our dedication to conquering gaming apps has helped to perfectly refine our technologies. This article will tell you why.

Bigabid’s Novel, Scalable ML Approach to User Modeling

Bigabid has built its proprietary ML models and data infrastructure on these principles: 

  • Fast updates and reliability – all the information about our users updates in real-time and contains all the user’s journey and history. We can determine things like interests and likelihood to install from different types of creatives.


  • Incorporating domain expertise – as mentioned above, we collaborated with the very best in the gaming app industry to find the right signals to feed into our sophisticated ML models to be an industry leading performer.


  • Adaptability – “Things of this world are in such constant flux, that nothing remains long in the same state” ~ John Locke. Bigabid’s ML models react quickly to changes in user preferences, gaming and mobile industry trends, market ad prices, performance increase/decrease with a specific client or studio, and much more.


Bigabid’s unique approaches proved they can find High LTV users in an ocean of mediocrity with giants like Facebook and Google also harpooning for whales.

Read about Bigabid’s success in Targeting High LTV Users.

We took on possibly the most competitive market in the mobile marketing industry – gaming apps, and despite being relatively new to the industry, we now partner with many of the most successful major brands. Hear what a few have to say in some of our case studies. 


Huuuge Casino User Acquisition Activity Exceeds ROI Target by 150%!

Papaya Retargeting Campaign Hits 300% over the KPI!

My Konami User Acquisition campaigns Achieve 6x Their Expected ROAS


Bigabid respects the playing field for all gaming apps, and with our track record of exceeding expectations in some of the most competitive app categories against the same two major players, Facebook and Google, we are poised to continue that overwhelming succes.

UA and Retargeting at Any Scale on Any Gaming App

Bigabid’s models go through an “incubation stage”, where we learn the unique patterns and conversions that each client or studio has. Through deep analysis, we find the right audiences for our clients and the right creatives for each user or cluster of users. Not to mention, delivering them at the right time! 


Learn more about Bigabid’s proprietary Real-Time Data Analysis.


After going through the incubation phase, we can scale up dramatically in both User Acquisition and Retargeting activities with our clients, since we have already learned their unique “client characteristics”. With this, we can optimally match users to your games.

A True Data Partnership for Any Gaming App

Bigabid offers exclusive access to our industry-leading Data Science Team for scalable, customizable ML platforms to ensure optimal performance for any gaming app. From exploration to ongoing campaigns, we go beyond our bespoke platforms to analyze and provide invaluable insights. These include:

  • Industry benchmarks to tell our clients in what metric they are leading or lagging to help sharpen their entire app economy


  • In many cases, insights about our client’s audiences from data that is not accessible to the client from outside their app, concerning engagement patterns with other apps and mobile devices in general


In addition to this, Bigabid regularly conducts ad hoc research. With transparency as a core value, we are dedicated to presenting our conclusions with actionable insights. For example, which of your users are most likely to return to the app as part of a retargeting campaign, what types of games are your users also interested in.


Read more about Bigabid’s core values in Partnering with Transparency


Finally, when working with multiple studios under the same parent company we have experience in analyzing player overlap and “natural flow” between said studios. For example, say a player initially starts with game A. When activity reduces under a certain threshold, we can predict when they will churn, and that they have a 20% chance to install game B. We can provide churn analysis in the distribution of LTV, active days, and unique events within the game before a churn. That’s about as much detail as we are allowed to share in this article!


Our methods, platforms, and services have been forged in the most serious fires of the mobile gaming industry. The challenges Bigabid has overcome has made us stronger and more adaptable. We love working with gaming companies because they are so competitive. Come be part of Bigabid’s amazing UA and Retargeting growth throughout gaming genres. Get in touch and we’ll share the details! 

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