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Bigabid’s retargeting technologies re-engage
the highest LTV users for your mobile app.


Bigabid’s retargeting technologies re-engage
the highest LTV users for your mobile app.

Retargeting Across the Funnel

With robust in-app and cross-app behavioral analysis our ML technology incrementally retargets high quality users from the top of the funnel– before their peak potential, to mid-funnel– increasing engagement, and bottom-funnel– securing retention. By retargeting high affinity users, diminishing churn, and re-engaging, our platform secures users with the highest possible LTV.

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Incremental Value

With full transparency, Bigabid tests, verifies, and shares measurements to ensure all mobile app retargeting campaigns are hyper-focused on added value and authentic uplift. By testing treatment and control groups at the exploration phase and throughout ongoing campaigns, our platform is designed to consistently raise your incremental ROAS.

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Creative Personalization

Our ML technology adapts in real-time to optimize and deliver personalized ads precisely based on your creatives and user behavior. With ads centered on all relevant in-app events, our platform
re-engages high LTV users and reduces churn. Deep linking brings the user to exactly where they left off to further increase engagement.

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Partnering with Transparency

Beyond our technologies, Bigabid ensures our partners achieve their growth goals by offering full transparency every step of the way. Besides a great ROAS, we understand scalable growth demands constant enhancements across your ecosystem. From a deep understanding of in-app to cross-app audience behavior, Bigabid offers actionable insights and mobile app retargeting solutions throughout our partnership to help increase engagement and enrich your products.

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