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App Tracking Transparency UX Showdown: A Lighter Perspective

By Bigabid’s AI

While respecting users’ privacy, Bigabid is working diligently on developing ideal solutions for our customers.

App Tracking Transparency UX Showdown: A Lighter Perspective

By Bigabids AI

Intro to App Tracking Transparency (ATT)

App Tracking Transparency (ATT) is here to stay. Whether or not Apple is an altruistic champion of user privacy, playing war games with Facebook, or creating an unfair home-field advertising advantage is moot. ATT’s adoption rate speaks for itself, and now even Google is releasing its own form of limited ad tracking. Much like IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers), it’s not the actual tool that is good or bad, it’s how you use it.

Concerning ATT, you’ve probably read enough articles about seedy corporate intentions, glorified privacy crusades, and the dangers of data sharing, but what about you? How has it affected your mobile experience as a user? Have things changed already? What’s it like on the other side? This article takes a lighter approach to exploring user experience after the prompt.

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Meet Nathen

Nathen takes his privacy very seriously. CNET, The Verge, Wired, Lifewire, and almost all the other digital lifestyle publications told Nathen exactly what the coming of iOS14.5’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) was all about – that Apple, the cool guys, were tired of how big data corporations like Facebook were stealing his data, using it to trick him into buying things and even selling it to seedier corporations.

Nathen was aghast. Not only did he vow to never let an app track him, but he also took all those articles’ advice and turned off the ability for apps to even ask in the first place. Bamn! Nathen was safe.

Now, meet James

James isn’t sure whether or not sharing his data is such a bad thing. Yes, it’s his, but what exactly can he do with it on his own without sharing it?

James was also overwhelmed with all the publications saying Apple had come to his rescue, but he noticed a few articles pointing out that Apple will now net billions of more dollars on their own personal Apple Search Ads revenue. Maybe their decision was more about business than advocating for his privacy. Isn’t that how things work?

James decided to allow the apps he liked the most, ones he’s grown to trust, to track his cross-app behavior. He even felt a little adrenaline boost for taking such a big risk.

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Let’s peek at how they are doing a few months after the big decision.

Nathen is on his phone several hours a day, from work to shopping to social media, it’s a major part of his life. He recently received a bonus and is browsing for new shoes. He was hoping his Wish app would come through but no luck. Nathen jumps over to Amazon to look at Deals of the Day, but it’s only showing him headphones, razors, and drones.

Now he has to use search, no deals, and he blows his entire bonus on full-price Louboutins.

James is also on his phone a lot. He day trades, enjoys a lot of games, and shops as well. He needs some kicks too for working out. He jumps on Amazon to see a pair of Nike Air Max 95s on Deals of the Day.

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Crazy, he was just looking at those exact same shoes the other day on his Nike app. That was so easy, James has time to play his secret obsession, RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch. He belongs to a Facebook group for the PC version, and somehow the new iPhone version had popped up on the App Store’s (now double-sized btw) advertising window.

Let’s peek at how they are doing a few months after the big decision.

Nathen is broke, no more shopping, so he decides to check his Weather Channel app. He likes how the app also has great news stories, but this time it’s a bunch of stories about farm animals. What happened to all the crazy floods?

James also loves the Weather Channel app, and of all things, today it features a story on an app that gives advice on day trading!

It’s getting late. 

Nathen decides to call it a bad day and gets into bed. To cheer himself up, he Snapchats his best friend James, but James is busy taking notes on how to supposedly make loads of money from the app he found advertised on the Weather Channel.

Nathen decides to research a little more on privacy and finds out that, with his new iOS 15.2 update, he can even download a report to see how apps are snooping on him. He notices that some apps are still doing it, but for the most part, he’s managed to stop a lot of smaller apps and lesser-known companies from tracking him. He goes to sleep with pride knowing that his data, for the most part, is safe and sound.

James spends the next day using his newly found day trading tips. He ends up losing money, and after some research, learns that the app has some very poor reviews and reputation. He wonders why an app as respected as the Weather Channel would show ads from a company like that.

App Tracking Transparency (ATT) – Conclusion

ATT (App Tracking Transparency) has introduced positive and negative challenges to the mobile advertising industry and its users. While respecting users’ privacy, Bigabid is working diligently on developing ideal solutions for our customers. And though we like to take on the serious issues, here and there, we think it’s helpful, even informative, to lighten up. Come be part of the fun, it’s one of our secrets to success.

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