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My KONAMI Achieves 6X ROAS 

with Bigabid’s User Acquisition Campaign!


My KONAMI Achieves 6X ROAS with Bigabid’s User Acquisition Campaign!

A Look at

The Numbers

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Karen Corn
Sr. Marketing Lead

“I’ve been working with Bigabid’s UA team for many years, both in my current role and at my former company. Their partnership and results make it very easy for us to scale activity with our mobile app. Recently, we’ve taken our partnership to the next level by expanding to retargeting efforts. We see Bigabid as both a strategic partner and as a fundamental part of our growth strategy going forward.”

The Challenge

Playstudios’ my KONAMI is a rising star in the social casino space on a mission to become a market leader. In this highly competitive market, the my KONAMI team was looking for a partner that could bring a unique approach to our user acquisition activity. To attack this challenge, we joined forces with Bigabid based on their vast experience and their unique data-driven models. 

The Process


Setting expectations - Bigabid’s core value of full transparency includes setting expectations in advance. Therefore, before starting the process, our customer success team synced with my KONAMI to align our mutual goals, establish the required steps to achieve them, and plan a relevant timeline accordingly.​


Data gathering & analysis - our teams gathered my KONAMI data as well as gained a better understanding of the game’s DNA through its gameplay, user journey, and personas.​


Strategizing - once we had a clearer view of my KONAMI’s nature, our data science and delivery teams planned the exploration phase in which they gradually chose the ideal models and methodologies that would bring in the highest LTV users.​


Creative planning - just before going live and starting the exploration phase, our creative team stepped in and assigned and created the ideal creatives to use per persona, audience, and model that would best convert.


Exploration - during the exploration phase, we modified the campaign according to the performance and stabilized the campaign before growing further.​


Scaling - once the campaign was optimized and ready to scale, we increased the daily spend while constantly optimizing the results towards exceeding the goals month over month.​

The Results

Bigabid exceeded the goals and provided my KONAMI the growth tool it was after.

607% Higher D1 ROAS than planned!

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