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Senior Backend Developer

#li-hybrid Bigabid is an innovative technology company led by data scientists and engineers devoted to mobile app growth. Our proprietary ad platforms powered by machine learning are the outcome of that devotion.

We deliver valuable results and insights for a fast-growing clientele of major app developers using elite programmatic user acquisition and retargeting technologies. 

Our ever-evolving, state-of-the-art machine learning technology analyzes tens of TB of raw data per day to produce millions of ad recommendations in real-time. This data is used to power our Machine Learning predictions, business-critical metrics, and analytics used to power our decision-making. 

 As a senior developer at Bigabid, most of your work will be centered around our proprietary bidder system dealing with 1M+ QPS and developing our sophisticated targeting algorithms. You will likely face new challenges like – extreme system loads, working in a real-time environment, integrating with 3rd party platforms, and being the owner of your tasks from top to bottom.

Bigabid will give you the freedom to learn and hone your skills, allowing you the opportunity to be an extremely well-rounded developer where no area is off-limits - stagnating is not an option.

Key Responsibility:

  • Analyze, design, and develop new features for Bigabid’s infrastructure and product (take part in feature development from the requirement definition stage to final deliverable version)
  • Research new development platforms, operating environments, and software solutions for integration or migration purposes
  • Work on a low latency, high availability, large-scale system.
  • Produce quality products that meet high security, stability, and performance standards.


  • MAMRAM\8200\Any other technological Military Unit graduate or BSc. in Computer Science- advantage
  • 3+ years experience in C++/Rust/Golang
  • Backend server programming (multi threaded programming, performance tuning)
  • Excellent design and analytical skills
  • Interested in cutting-edge technologies and willing to dive in through rapid self-learning
  • Thorough and methodical approach to any task
  • Proactive by nature; internal drive for excellence and improvement
  • Original thinker, creative

Also, it will be great if you’ll have:

  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Experience with streaming technologies such as Kafka
  • Experience with In-Memory databases such as Redis
  • Experience with cloud based computing such as AWS
  • Fluent in English, good writing skills
  • Interest in working with the Machine Learning team
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