How to Launch Your Data Science Career

Data science is an exciting field that’s constantly changing and developing, which means there is endless work potential for current and future data scientists. Now’s the time to enter the field, as there are many ways to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to launch a career in data science.

According to Ido Zehori, Bigabid Data Science Team Leader, and Mia Dor, Bigabid Data Scientist, Research Architect, "We live in an exciting time where there is more access than ever before to specialized information that can help us boost our career,” they assert.

Here’s how you can jumpstart your career in data science. Learn independently through online courses, listening to podcasts, reading tech blogs, and networking with professional and experienced data scientists online. More specifically, they suggest familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of Python and SQL as well as full-stack development and coding. Gain an understanding of basic concepts of computer science, statistics, and math. It’s also important to build a portfolio and even compete in Kaggle to show off your skills in predicting and describing data.  To find out more tips about how to launch your data science career,

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