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Solitaire Cash retargeting excels from the get go outperforming with 300% over the KPI!

Solitaire Cash retargeting excels from the get go outperforming with 300% over the KPI!

A Look at

The Numbers

1 X
1 %
Scaling in 1 month
Uri Pearl
Head of Marketing

“As a booming startup in the highly competitive mobile gaming space, we needed a partner that could run retargeting campaigns while being transparent and providing the infrastructure we needed to scale. Bigabid was a perfect fit.”

The Challenge

Papaya Gaming is a unique startup in the gaming scene. Unlike many, they focus on the real-money, skill-based market – a highly lucrative market when successful, but one full of bureaucracy and limitations that prohibit most companies. Papaya Gaming positioned itself strongly and quickly, as they’ve put great efforts into developing an attractive, innovative, and unique product that came along with leading-edge marketing and aggressive scaling, so they needed a partner that could help them retarget high LTV users without interfering with their organic activity. 

The Process


Onboarding - while smooth thanks to the great team at Papaya, this unique market required technical geographical limitations that were abnormal but nothing our product team couldn’t deal with.


Strategizing - as a relatively new app without any retargeting activity, our teams worked together on segmenting and preparing a scalable creative infrastructure from scratch.


Budgeting - following Bigabid’s best practice, Papaya came into this activity with a results-driven approach preparing to grow on the go quicker than planned when the performance was right.


Testing - our customer success team worked together with Papaya on initiating the campaign, making sure that there were no discrepancies of any sort before we ramped up.


Takeoff - after getting the green light, the RTB campaign analysts team, together with our data science team, started the activity on a small scale, growing as the exploration matured and the performance allowed.


Growing - after only 1 month with amazing results, the Papaya team informed us that we should scale the activity 8x!

The Results

We hit the goals within 2 weeks and scaled the activity 8X within 1 month, all while reaching the outstanding results of 3X the KPI.

300% Over ROAS Goal

Results based advertising starts here.

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