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Ido Raz | Co-Founder of Bigabid

Where did the idea for Bigabid come from?

The idea for Bigabid came from a simple understanding that there’s a lack of efficiency of how things are being made in our industry. The media industry is fascinating as it is evolving and changing all the time and I was lucky to get exposed to it early in my career. As I dived deeper, however, I understood what was needed in order to push the evolution of the industry to the next level – which was that if you want to start a venture that can really be disruptive, you have to recognize where there is a real need for change and how it can be addressed. I saw this scenario clearly within the media industry in how (generally speaking) it uses data to reach growth goals in ways that were inefficient as compared to the level of data usage in industries like the cybersecurity. So my partners and I set out to start Bigabid.

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