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Fyber – iOS 14

A new era in contextual based UA

About this Video:

What will programmatic user acquisition and performance marketing look like in a post-IDFA era? 

The IDFA is a significant data signal in mobile in-app advertising – but there are many alternative data signals we can still utilize to reach our KPIs. 

Itai Cohen, VP Marketing and Corporate Strategy at Fyber chats with Amit Attias, Co-Founder & CTO at Bigabid, focusing on user acquisition, and how applying deep categories to campaigns that don’t have the IDFA can enhance performance and results. 

In this Digital Fyber Focus, Amit walks us through a roadmap of how Bigabid is pushing the boundaries in performance advertising and preparing for the upcoming changes with contextual targeting parameters and deep-categorical tools. With Apple’s new infrastructure rollout just around the corner, testing and understanding sessions, ads, and user experience are more important than ever.

Our Digital Fyber Focus with Bigabid covers:
  • How Bigabid is working with advertisers to prepare
  • Will data sharing become even greater than before?
  • What will happen to suppression lists and retargeting?
  • Would a purely contextual targeting-based solution be good enough?
  • How can “Deep Categories” help maintain or even improve performance as a post-IDFA feature?


Learn more about Bigabid’s technologies that are geared towards a post-IDFA world in Deep Categories.   

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