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Responsible AI Shifts Into High Gear

The Fiddler MPM platform can ingest from any data source or model type with pluggable services. The flexible tech stack augments existing ML workflows from hooking into input/output logs for monitoring to consuming model artifacts and creating transformations for advanced explainability. In addition to supporting enterprise-scale, we added robust security and privacy features to meet stringent demands of Fortune 500 enterprises in financial services, healthcare, and other industries.

Bringing these capabilities together in a unified platform enables teams to conquer complex models and data pipelines while building trusted AI solutions with less bias. Centralized management and feedback for troubleshooting and facilitating continuous ML improvement.

“Bigabid provides state-of-the-art scientific advertising using AI at scale. Our rich data pipelines support thousands of machine learning models that we regularly optimize. Using Fiddler to maintain and improve our ML performance in conjunction with AWS services for reliable scale, means we can flex and react at the speed of business.” 

Amit Attias, Co-Founder and CTO at Bigabid


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