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‘An early red flag’: Mobile ad industry grapples with early uncertainties from Apple’s tracking crackdown

It’s been a week since iOS users started receiving notifications that they could turn off cross-app tracking and, unsurprisingly, it’s difficult to draw any meaningful conclusions so far. What is clear is that ad execs will need to get creative to solve user consent challenges within the walls of the Apple App Store. People aren’t fans of sharing the data in the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) with their favorite apps it seems…

“The consent rate of users who are allowing tracking is around 33% based on the limited view I have on apps,” said Ido Raz, president and founder of ad tech vendor Bigabid who spoke to Digiday, six days after the rollout.

Read more from Ido Raz on how Bigabid is handling Apple’s privacy update with post-IDFA proof technologies like Deep Categories

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