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How Bigabid works with data.ai to increase productivity and uncover sales opportunities-03

Find out how mobile DSP Bigabid works with data.ai to increase productivity and uncover sales opportunities

Yotam Galon
Director of Growth, Bigabid

“We regularly leverage data.ai’s creative gallery to assess various approaches that are performing well across a wide variety of industries… As a result, we increased our creative production process by 20 percent in the last year.”

Play Perfect Achieves Remarkable

Cost Efficiency and FTD Growth With Bigabid's New Product Version

Client: Play Perfect

Industry: Mobile Gaming

Challenge: Increasing FTD's

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Key result:

The Numbers

1 %
Increase in creative production process in the last year with data.ai

The world of programmatic advertising can be a little complicated for ‘outsiders’. To make things simpler, Bigabid –  a demand-side-platform (DSP) optimized for in-app advertising user acquisition and re-engagement – likes to describe itself as a type of investor.

Here’s why: Clients (developers) give Bigabid money to invest. But instead of buying bonds or shares, Bigabid buys advertising slots. Like any investment group, Bigabid is ultimately judged by how much income (in terms of new users or extra spend) it returns to its ‘investors’. 

Bigabid has developed machine learning systems to calibrate its ‘investment’ decision making. To do this, Bigabid collects and analyzes trillions of data points to train these systems to make smarter decisions.It’s for this reason that Bigabid works closely with data.ai. 

To find out more about Bigabid’s vision and processes, we chatted with Bigabid’s Director of Growth, Yotam Galon.

How would you describe Bigabid? 

Bigabid is a data company that focuses on user acquisition and retargeting for app developers. We help the leading developers in the world find and retain their ideal users. We are now one of the leading DSPs in the mobile space.

How do you make the analogy with ad spending and investment? 

We see ourselves as an investment firm because our customers give us serious budgets to invest in ads to achieve their goals. To do this we utilize their data along with our in-house AI tools, and AI-powered data platforms such as data.ai.

What is your role at the company?

I manage relationships with our partners, develop new ones, and generate revenue to accelerate the growth of the company, through marketing, sales, customer success, and operations.

Why did Bigabid start working with data.ai?

For a business like ours, the biggest challenge is intelligence. We are in a highly competitive landscape, where every wrong turn can be critical. So we have to collect reliable intelligence at scale. We found data.ai to be best at simplifying this process and helping us make decisions that are more data-driven and accurate.

What were your criteria for choosing data.ai?

We look at data quality – the source, the quantity, how often it is updated. We look at the quality of the interface and the API we can use for deeper analysis. And then we assess the partnership elements: how is the customer service, technical support, business model, and so on? Looking at all of these criteria, data.ai was the best option.

Which business objectives has data.ai helped you with?

All our departments across the company use the platform, including growth, obviously, but also creative, ad ops, and data science. It helps us better understand the market, identify opportunities, spark creative inspiration, generate target lists, see various trends, and many more areas that are easily accessible through data.ai.

Can you cite a specific win?

data.ai has been really helpful in the creative area. We regularly leverage the platform’s creative gallery to assess the various creative approaches that are performing well across a wide variety of industries. Doing this allows us to make an impact with our customers faster and in more streamlined ways. As a result, we increased our creative production process by 20 percent in the last year.


What are the most useful features of the data.ai platform?

I’m sure it will vary across departments, but the growth teams really like Top Charts. We use this in both sales and CS to create target lists and identify up-sell opportunities. App Drill Down within the single app view is really useful too. We like to understand the apps we work with – their positioning, how their users behave, how they generate revenue, which creative types work best for them, etc.


And finally, Game IQ and Market Size. Using this feature gives us a better understanding of where should we go next, how to approach it, and who are the best partners to work with on this expansion.


How central is
data.ai to the big strategic decisions made at Bigabid? 

Decision-making involves various tools and data sources, but data.ai is used on a daily basis and definitely became one of the main tools we look at as part of our process. Currently, we are onboarding the product, creative, and campaign management teams to leverage data.ai and are looking forward to expanding our use of the platform. 

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