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mDAU (Monetized daily active users)

Users who logged in or accessed an app on any given day that the app could show ads.

What is mDAU (monetized daily active users)?

Monetized Daily Active Users (mDAU) refers to the number of unique users who access and interact with an app in a given day. The definition of an active interaction varies depending on the industry and the app, but it often includes actions like account log-in, transferring, adding items to a cart, or software usage. The active user is identified through unique identifiers such as email, user ID, cookies, or a combination of these. DAU is a crucial metric for businesses as a high number of daily active users suggests that the app is sticky and successful.

Why is Measuring mDAU Important?

Measuring mDAU is crucial as it serves as a barometer of success. The higher the level of user engagement with an app, the more frequently they will access it. Engaged users are more valuable compared to unengaged ones, and therefore, measuring DAU helps app developers assess the earning potential of their app.

How to Calculate mDAU?

Calculating Monetized Daily Active Users (mDAUs) may appear straightforward, but it can be intricate based on the definition of active user engagement. Here’s a technical overview of the process:

  • Define the criteria for an active user, such as a button click, swipe, or scroll.
  • Specify the frequency of engagement you want to measure, i.e., DAU.
  • Utilize your preferred analytics tool to gather data and calculate the number of unique users who meet the active user criteria for the selected day.


  • Active user criteria: button click, swipe, or scroll.
  • Frequency of engagement: mDAU.
  • On day X, the following user engagements are recorded:
    • User 1 clicked a button and then closed the app.
    • User 2 logged into the app but remained idle.
    • User 3 logged into the app, scrolled, swiped, or clicked a button.
    • User 1 logged back into the app and clicked another button.

Result: The DAU count is 2 (User 1 and User 3 are considered active users).

Note that the definition of an active user heavily depends on the company’s long-term growth objectives and business model. Different business goals result in different active user criteria.

How to increase mDAU?

To increase mDAU, you need a multi-channel engagement strategy that includes email, push notifications, in-app notifications, and re-engagement campaigns. Here’s how to use each channel effectively:

  1. Push Notifications: Push notifications can be a great way to engage your users, but if used too frequently or inappropriately, they can also lead to uninstalls. To make sure your push notifications are effective, focus on delivering personalized and relevant content that provides value to your users, instead of just sending a large volume of notifications. Monitor your push notification statistics to see what works and what doesn’t.
  2. In-app Messages: Personalized in-app messages that align with your users’ needs and preferences can increase user retention rates by 61% to 74% within 28 days. To make your in-app messages relevant, segment your audience based on factors such as region, preferences, usage, or history, and use real-time updates and personalized links.
  3. Email/SMS: Sending emails or SMS to your users is a good way to keep them engaged with your app and maintain high DAU rates. For example, you can send emails to users who were active but have been inactive for a while, or to users who have not fully utilized your app’s potential. Proper audience segmentation can help you reach the right users with the right message.
  4. Deep Linking: Deep linking is an important aspect of a cross-channel engagement strategy. It helps to create a consistent and seamless user experience by linking your channels together and removing obstacles along the user journey. This can help build a strong relationship with your users and give you a competitive edge.


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