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Incentivized Traffic

Corresponds to the traffic coming from all types of advertisements in return for a reward.

What is incentivized traffic? 

Incentivized traffic refers to the flow of visitors who are motivated by rewards such as cash, gift cards, discounts, whitepapers, free eBooks, or game tokens, to visit specific websites. This type of traffic is particularly beneficial as it drives more visitors to websites, leading to increased customer engagement and valuable customer data.

However, incentivized traffic can pose a significant risk when third-party promoters compensate individuals for visiting your site without your knowledge or consent. Compared to unincentivized traffic, incentivized traffic is widely considered to be of lower quality, as visitors tend to perform only the minimum required action to obtain the reward.

Rewards can take various forms, such as cash, points, or other types of incentives. While incentivized clicks and traffic are the most commonly used incentive-based actions, incentivized registrations are also prevalent.

Benefits of incentivized traffic

Incentivized traffic presents a convenient means of boosting website traffic, thereby increasing the potential for acquiring new customers. This strategy revolves around providing incentives to prospects to encourage them to explore your offerings. By clicking on a link, customers can access various rewards, such as a discount, whitepaper, upgraded product, eBook, or gift. Incentivized traffic campaigns aim to focus on driving customer interest, motivating them to engage with your content, and ultimately performing the desired action to obtain the reward.

Beyond achieving a rapid customer acquisition rate, incentivized traffic also offers additional benefits. For instance, it can increase customer engagement, leading to a higher number of downloads and acquisitions, thereby positively impacting your search engine ranking. Consequently, more users will be exposed to your website.

For example, a mobile app with a high number of installs and increasing popularity on Google Play or App Store can benefit from increased visibility over time. Companies can expect to see positive results from incentivized traffic campaigns in as little as three days.

Examples of incentivized traffic

There are several types of incentives that companies can offer to enhance customer acquisition and drive traffic to their websites. Rewards are a powerful motivator and can be customized to suit the desired action. Content locking is a popular technique used by many websites that require users to answer a series of questions before accessing the content. Similarly, gaming sites and apps often use offer walls to reward gamers with game tokens for referring friends or sharing information about their accounts on social media. Additionally, they attract traffic by providing cash rewards, discounts, access to materials, gifts, and other incentives.

Incentives are particularly popular in mobile gaming as they incentivize users to play more frequently and progress through the game. Companies can offer their users exclusive bonuses as rewards.

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