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Click to Install Time (CTIT)

What is Click to Install Time (CTIT)?

Introduction to Click to Install Time (CTIT)

Click to Install Time, abbreviated as CTIT, refers to the time interval between a user clicking on an advertisement and the subsequent opening of an application. This metric holds significant value as it plays a crucial role in identifying and thwarting instances of mobile ad fraud perpetrated by malicious entities seeking to fabricate final clicks.

Defining CTIT

CTIT constitutes a form of distribution modeling utilized in the identification of two distinct forms of ad fraud: install hijacking and click flooding.

Install Hijacking CTIT Analysis

In the case of install hijacking, CTIT analysis is primarily focused on detecting patterns where a substantial number of installations occur within the initial 3 to 10 seconds after the initial click.

Click-Flooding CTIT Analysis

Conversely, when dealing with click flooding, CTIT analysis aims to uncover an almost uniform distribution pattern occurring on a larger scale. This pattern is observed between the 2nd and 24th hours, as well as between the 2nd and 7th days following the installation.

Why is CTIT Important?

CTIT holds fundamental importance in the detection and tracing of fraud. It stands as a primary and crucial metric to assess when scrutinizing potential fraudulent endeavors within your web traffic.

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