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The process by which user interactions are identified and measured. It’s a way in which marketers garner a better understanding of how certain events lead users to a desired outcome, referred to as a conversion. Attribution quantifies an ad’s ability to influence a consumer’s purchasing decisions, providing marketers with a way to compare the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns.

What is mobile attribution?

Mobile attribution is a process that connects app installs to marketing efforts. It is a critical tool for marketers as it enables them to link their actions to results. Mobile app marketers rely heavily on attribution insights to measure and optimize their user acquisition campaigns and marketing performance. Additionally, attribution helps marketers understand how in-app events affect their efforts.

Investing in Marketing Budget

When it comes to investing in marketing budget, it’s important to choose the right attribution provider. Attribution providers are classified into two categories: biased and unbiased. Biased attribution providers include data selling or buying and selling of mobile ad media in their business model, which creates potential conflicts of interest and partial business practices.

On the other hand, unbiased attribution providers focus solely on attribution as their core business. They ensure impartiality and independence as a reliable third party, measuring and reporting campaign performance, and resolving any reporting discrepancies on both the buy and sell sides of mobile advertising.

Building Trust

Providing attribution data as a service relies heavily on building trust with customers and partners. The trust that an attribution provider builds with its clients and partners is the foundation of its business. When this trust is broken, the attribution provider’s products and services can no longer be seen as reliable. Recovering from such a problem is extremely difficult for an attribution provider.

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