Our Technology

Bigabid presents a new and better way to acquire, engage and retain high value users with scientific advertising that powers you to grow faster.

Data Unit

collects data samples from multiple sources, cleans fraudulent and misleading samples, and atomizes the data into map-like structures.

  • Consolidates attribution with proprietary data sets
  • Detects and prevent frauds
  • Extracts meaningful information from raw data, and subsequent bidding outcomes

Predictive Unit

An ensemble of algorithms. The Predictive Unit finds intricate relationships between users, apps and success rates of bids, in order to identify high value impressions.

  • Value per Action assessment
  • Uncovers hidden patterns
  • Leverages machine learning for evolving decision matrix

Bidding Unit

A low latency and high frequency real-time programmatic bidder which acts upon the predictions and prescriptive instructions emerging from the Predictive Unit.

  • Automated purchasing, employing varying strategies
  • Native connection to multiple networks and leading exchanges
  • port multiple creative formats(Video, Interstitial, Playable etc.)

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