Case study


“I don’t look at Bigabid as a platform but as a true partner. Aside from showing us a great incremental ROI, Bigabid’s team helped us gain a better understanding and control of the intricacies of re-engagement. They were extremely transparent and helpful in letting us see the full picture on a user-level.”

Evyatar Livny, Product Manager. SciPlay

The Challenge

SciPlay’s Jackpot Party Casino was looking for new channels through which to re-engage its existing users. They already had an active re-engagement campaign but were looking to expand their options in new, innovative ways. They also wanted more transparency and control over their data. Achieving all of these goals while surpassing their existing incremental ROI and having the ability to scale was the task at hand.

The Process

When it comes to retargeting, knowing how to measure success accurately and scientifically is as intricate as getting the actual results. Dividing the audience between control and treatment groups was just the beginning. We also tested two different methodologies; each methodology had to prove capable of bringing incremental ROI higher than SciPlay’s previous experience:

Measuring the effect only on those users we could actually reach and the ads that could be presented to both in the control and the treatment groups. The results show the incrementality only for groups of users who can, in fact, be affected.
More of a bird’s eye view: measuring if the retargeting activity has a positive enough effect as a whole and brings positive incremental ROI consistently, regardless of the ability to reach the user.
Each of these methodologies was rigorously tested. Both showed positive incrementality in virtually every possible metric.
Bigabid’s retargeting infrastructure enabled us to quickly move between the two measurement methodologies while supplying the relevant reporting for each. it was tremendously important to both companies that SciPlay would be able to judge the results for themselves and not have to rely just on Bigabid’s numbers.
The strategy that was decided upon was to undertake wide-targeting on a variety of different audiences. After the first results started coming in, using Bigabid’s technology, we were able to measure the incremental ROI for each segment.
We could then decide which audiences to focus on, which audiences not to target, and, equally important, what bidding strategy to use for each segment.
At each point, we could compare our results to the control group as well as to the other media channels. Doing so gave SciPlay the certainty that the results were measured correctly, and that every targeting decision was made with educated, thought-out reasons.
The Results
Bigabid retargeting campaign measured

SciPlay is a leading developer and publisher of digital games on mobile and web platforms, providing highly entertaining, authentic and engaging games for millions of people to play for free every day.

is a data science company that has developed a second-generation DSP optimized for user acquisition& re-engagement. It offers exceptional scale and precise targeting mechanisms, all in the same place. By focusing on-post events, Bigabid helps app developers reach those users with the greatest potential for both engagement in-app purchases. Bigabid’s proprietary “Deep Categories,” classifies apps into more than 1000 precise categories compared to the generic few dozen used by the app stores. This enables an unparalleled understanding of users and their behavior while eliminating irrelevant audiences, significantly reducing CPA, and increasing ROAS.

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