Case study


“Bigabid’s unique approach as a fully-managed partner gives me the trust I need to seamlessly manage various channels at the same time while having the transparency I need for deep diving into the details when needed. We’ve been scaling our activity with Bigabid month over month, and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.”

Sidney Kleinpeter, Sr. User Acquisition Analyst

The Challenge

myKONAMI by Playstudios is a disrupter, regarding both its product and marketing team. As such, myKONAMI is among the relatively small portion of the mobile gaming market that decided to be an early adopter of retargeting. They therefore looked for a partner to work with them on establishing their retargeting activity with the goal of scaling in parallel to the growth of their fast-expanding user base. Based on a well-performing UA activity with Bigabid, it was decided to collaborate on that front as well.

The Process

As a longtime partner of myKONAMI, our teams were already familiar with the game’s DNA. Therefore, after some planning and analysis by our data science team, we strategized together with the myKONAMI team to define the new retargeting activity and make the most out of their database. The activity will be ready to scale as soon as it is stable and optimized.

Initial analysis - Our data science team reviewed the current and past activity of myKONAMI users to better identify which audiences and personas would be best for retargeting.
Recommendations - Based on our analysis, we presented a strategy according to multiple metrics, such as what the length of each phase will be from exploration to scaling, earliest recommended idle day for retargeting, and more.
Action Plan – According to the recommendations, we have finalized a detailed plan together with myKONAMI team.
Preparing the ground - Once we came to a conclusion regarding the ideal path for success, we created the segments, creatives, and deep links using our premortem process, which assured a smooth initialization of the campaign.
Exploration - The exploration phase in retargeting is relatively quick, accurate, and provides a very insightful hint into whether this will be a promising campaign or not. In this case, signs were definitely positive.
Scaling - As is typical for Bigabid in retargeting campaigns, the results here quickly showed great ROAS, which maintained a steady increase that led to an almost immediate decision to grow the activity.
The Results
Within a month, Bigabid delivered results leading myKONAMI to surpassing industry standards

PLAYSTUDIOS is a consumer gaming company focused on the ever-expanding market for social and mobile gambling. Its portfolio of games artfully combine established casino brands, proven gambling games, social game mechanics, and real-world rewards. With its team of 250+ art directors, engineers, content creators, proposition/economy, designers, marketers, and data scientists, and studios in the Bay Area, Austin, TX, Hong Kong and Tel Aviv, the company continues to evolve its games and enabling technologies and expand its market reach.

is a data science company that has developed a second-generation DSP optimized for user acquisition& re-engagement. It offers exceptional scale and precise targeting mechanisms, all in the same place. By focusing on-post events, Bigabid helps app developers reach those users with the greatest potential for both engagement in-app purchases. Bigabid’s proprietary “Deep Categories,” classifies apps into more than 1000 precise categories compared to the generic few dozen used by the app stores. This enables an unparalleled understanding of users and their behavior while eliminating irrelevant audiences, significantly reducing CPA, and increasing ROAS.

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