Case study


D7 ROAS 150%
20% higher user value

״Collaborating with Bigabid felt like a true solid partnership from day one. We are working together with both on UA & Retargeting, hitting our KPIs and growing together. We believe that Bigabid will be a fundamental part of our growth and scale strategy. We look forward to continuing our mutual partnership!”

Tal Shoham, HUUUGE CMO

The Challenge

Huuuge Games chose Bigabid for a user acquisition campaign to broaden the user base of its successful slots game app, Huuuge Casino. The campaign objective was to deliver a broad audience reach in the United States and attract highly engaged users that would generate a strong return on investment (ROI).

The Process

Huuuge Games partnered with Bigabid specifically for their extensive domain expertise in the Casino Simulation vertical, combined with their robust and proven technology, which involves highly advanced machine-learning (ML) capabilities.

Used their exclusive “deep categories” analysis to understand our exclusive game engine and personas.
Set the strategy for the Exploration Phase, placing different ML models based on their understanding of our unique audience type and Huuuge Casino app needs.
Bigabid then addressed the next level of fundamentals, setting the creatives in accordance with Huuuge’s game personas.
While running the Exploration Phase, Bigabid enriched the data they collected.
Bigabid’s automated platform chose the winning ML models with the best-designed creatives.
Once Bigabid reached a significant, highly accurate and tailor-made model for us, they were able to predict installs relatively quickly thanks to the data that we shared with them. CPIs were still above average to allow their whale detector to learn Huuuge’s target audience.
Bigabid then moved on to predicting FTD and adjusted Huuuge creatives according to audiences.
Once Bigabid the campaign was stable, with regard to ROI, Bigabid started scaling.
The Results
Within just a couple of weeks, Bigabid achieved Huuuge’s KPIs, hitting a whopping
150% higher ROI than expected!

is a global free-to-play games developer and publisher of digital games on mobile and web platforms, with a mission to empower billions of people to play together. Part of the Huuuge vision is to transform mobile gaming into a massively social experience. In order to become one of the global leaders in real-time, free-to-play casual gaming, Huuuge aims to redefine the category experience by offering best-in-class live operations in its games, and an unmatched environment in which to socialize.

is a data science company that has developed a second-generation DSP optimized for user acquisition& re-engagement. It offers exceptional scale and precise targeting mechanisms, all in the same place. By focusing on-post events, Bigabid helps app developers reach those users with the greatest potential for both engagement in-app purchases. Bigabid’s proprietary “Deep Categories,” classifies apps into more than 1000 precise categories compared to the generic few dozen used by the app stores. This enables an unparalleled understanding of users and their behavior while eliminating irrelevant audiences, significantly reducing CPA, and increasing ROAS.

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